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Our UTM shoot house facility has everything your team needs to continue education and hone lifesaving skills. Plan your training in our furnished classroom and then take it out to the house for dry runs and force-on-force. We have UTM bolts, ammo, PPE, and even OpFor to provide you with realistic feedback. We will also be building a K9 course for your K9s to train--in conjunction with shoot house work. We have expert CQB instructors available to assist your team in planning and expanding on your current policies. If you plan on running your training, that is fine too! We have a safety who will be on-site to assist and can also offer an observer who will take notes and provide feedback as you work in the house. At Defcon Delta, we want all officers to have the training they need when they need it. For that reason, we offer hourly rentals of the shoot house. No need to wait for the whole team to be available on a training day. If two or three teammates want some practice, send them down any day of the week; we will accommodate them!


Our shoot house was designed by experienced operators to maximize training for members of our armed forces. Whether your team would like to perfect current SOPs in private, or you require a subject matter expert to help guide your training, we have the resources to ensure your unit is operating at peak efficiency. We have fight suits, OpFor, UTM bolts, and ammunition on site so you do not need to travel with a heavy loadout. Defcon Delta maintains trusted advisors from within the special operations community to ensure we are only providing pertinent training and accurate scenarios at our facility. We are a closed-door facility; no civilian access without invitation and no media presence. You can rest assured, whatever level of discretion you require, The Special Training Center is a safe and optimal environment for your unit to train in. If your unit would like to travel to Kings Mountain, NC to access our facility, we will help arrange travel, lodging, and transportation!

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Defcon Delta offers our services and facilities to security professionals. Whether you are an overseas contractor or local executive protection company, if your team needs training, we are here to accommodate it. We can help put together a training program to expand on your team's current policies, or simply provide you the facility to work on your own training goals. Our facility will also soon have vehicles staged indoors to privately train in VCQB and asset protection. If you prefer to take your training outside of the facility, Defcon can deploy a team of experts - with our chalk round simunition guns and fight suits - to train you where you work! We work with schools, churches, and other entities needing risk mitigation training and consultation. We understand the importance of team cohesion and effectiveness, whatever your teams needs are, we can help implement shooting and fitness training regimes that will test your teams resolve and gauge readiness levels. 


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Defcon Delta is not open for public access; access to the training center is by invitation only. Due to the nature of our training and the facility itself, civilian training is offered by request only. If your group requires any training or consultation, please reach out to us on our contact page to inquire about gaining access to a private training session. The shoot house is also available to shooting and tactical training instructors who need a place to host a course. If you would like to request the facility please call Nick at (704) 750-5452 to submit a request and schedule a date.  

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